Thailand Lottery 16 November 2018 Result & Tips

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Are You Prepared For Thai Lottery Results


This is a tough question. I mean what are the odds of winning a lottery? And if there aren’t many, why one has to start planning about what to do with all the money that one is left with after tax deduction?

Coming back to odds, the chances of winning a lottery in UK, are 1 in 45,057,474. I don’t know the actual winning odds in Thai lottery, but I bet that they are not any good.


If you are going to buy the tickets for November 2018 lottery, you must know that anyone can be lucky and that includes you. Thai lottery result can change your life over a night, but let us get to know some basics about this result.

  1. Result Announcement

If you’ve been reading other posts on this website, I bet you know about when and where to buy the tickets from. Thai tickets can be bought from venders and retailers who sell them at different places.

Thai lottery’s result is announced on 1st and 16th of every month. However, it is announced by GLO at their office and so far no Thai lottery result online website has released the result on time.

If you want to now the Thai lottery result today, of the lottery held in this month, you can go to certain websites, but no website issues a Thai lottery result live without doubt.

  1. How to Make the Best Use of Your Money?

That’s idiotic:

I mean if you win a lottery, you’ll definitely not take anyone’s advice on how to use that money because that is something private and personal.

All of us share dream of getting rich and methods of reaching there, but no one wants people to tell them how to spend their money.


This is not what this piece of advice is about. Leisure or charity, I know that you have your own priorities, but let us think about the best ways to invest the lottery money to make sure that every dime that you spend, brings 10 dimes back to you.

  • Real Estate

Do you know why they call it real estate? Because in an economic meltdown, everything loses its worth and from the paper currency to meaningless plastic cards, everything can lose its credibility, but not the property.

It is solid, it is tangible, it is then and there. And if for a short term, the property rates go down, they soon come back and they do come back to touch new heights. So invest in property.

  • Crypto Currency

If there is someone in your circle who became rich all over a few months or years, then they either bought the Thai currency or the Bitcoins.

Bitcoin is a digital currency and a lot of people who bought Bitcoins before 2015 and sold them after December 2017, drastically changed their life.

It was like going from a few hundred per Bitcoin to 20,000 USD per Bitcoin; that’s the kind of lottery that you must play if you have the money to buy Bitcoin. And who knows when you’ll be watching Thai lottery result today, you might turn out to be the winner of the biggest prize.

  • Stocks Trading

O yes:

Candle sticks! The sight of those candle sticks can make you shout in joy as well as in shock. However, as compared to Crypto, the stock investment is much more valid, authentic and scalable.

All you have to do is either hire the services of an expert (which is not difficult, remember? You’ve just won the lottery) or just trust the big blue chip companies, because their values hardly go bearish.

  • Forex Trading

If stocks seem difficult to you or you still want another way to marry money with money and see money reproducing faster than rabbits, try Forex.

I mean:

What could be cooler than making money by buying and selling money? Forex values are always like a roller coaster in a few transactions, based on keen observation or assistance from forex trading experts, you can really make a handsome amount.

  • Savings Account

Last, but not the least, if any of these ideas do not appeal you or you’re in a learning curve, what you should immediately do is open a savings account: a high interest one, and put all the money in that account.

Job done. Now, you will not be making insane amount of money from insane amount of money, but you will still be getting handsome monthly revenue from your lottery win.

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