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Everything You Need To Know About Thai Lottery 4C Paper

Unlike the UK or US lotteries, Thai lottery is much more linked with superstitions and a group of people that are fed on those superstitions. This is a South Asian country, so the whole mindset, superstitions, hoax, fraud and even supernatural powers are involved in a rather simple thing.


Before ever you label racism on me, let me explain that I myself am a South Asian and I am not being biased here. It’s just nothing makes sense about Thai lottery result online or on paper.

It is all about a cult of people who believe on quakes, superstitions and lucky numbers etc. Take the 1st, 2md and 3rd draw numbers etc.

Instead of people keeping everything simple and easy, they have to rely more on 4PC magazines and papers that come from the Government of Thailand and with a stamp on it.

The information inside the paper is useful, but people full of superstitious nonsense try to get the winning combination out of the numbers given in the paper.

These magazines and papers update people about the 3Up numbers, 2 digit and 3 digit ones, but to think that such a magazine can lead to success in lottery and that too in 1st, 2nd or 3rd prizes, is pretty stupid.

What they can do for you, maximum, is that they can help you set a new number combination (based on idea and unique combo, not superstitions) that you can use for any of the draws given in the Thai lottery.

These papers have different objectives and all of them are not about helping people pick a lottery number that will lead them to success in the lucky draw.


In Thailand, Thai lottery is a part of their culture too and these type of papers do the exact same job that the puzzles printed in the papers do in Western countries; give gentlemen something to do with their free time.

You better call yourself lucky if you somehow find out a combination from a Thai lottery 4C paper which was basically intended to only get some ideas of combinations and yes, to enjoy your free time.

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