Thailand Lottery 16 November 2018 Result & Tips

Thailand Lottery 16 November 2018 Result, Today Thai Lottery Result, VIP Tips King Result, Thai Lottery 3up

Something about Thai Lottery Tips

Money and luck go side by side and although the world is full of people who are self-made and who rose from nothing and built themselves from scratch, it is fair to assume that too much money comes only by luck.


Where it leaves the limits of sanity and it all becomes too funny is where people try to define the luck: even control it. Same is the case with Thai lottery tickets.

Some cool dudes out there have started fooling people with Thai Lottery Tips. They make people pay them for tips to win Thai lottery, which is something beyond common sense or understanding.


It is because a lottery is not a lottery if it is measurable. If there were some actual tips and not sheer luck behind every lotto win, the whole lottery shebang would have winded up long ago.

As a matter of fact, there is nothing like Thai lottery tips and the reason why you see a good number of websites fooling people with so-called lottery tips, is because so many people buy and want to win Thai lottery.

These idiots capitalize on the weakness and ignorance of masses. They have no actual tips because no one can actually have any. A lottery is all by luck and luck is the only help that anyone can have to win a lottery.


Said it. However, what if I told you that there is an actual tip that really works up to a limited level and that is still free?

I know;

You will laugh out loud call me one of those scammers. But I am not selling the tip; I am just going to give you one of the only possible Thai lottery tips, that too free of cost and that too with a warning that this is more like a strategy and less a tip.

The secret is volume. Yes! Volume is the only strategy of winning a prize in Thai lottery. Although there is no guarantee, it still takes you closer to winning a prize.

So, buy as many tickets as you can without breaking the bank and hope for the best.

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