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What is Thailand Lottery 3Up

Thai lottery:

If you have been playing Thai lottery for a long time, you must have heard the word “3Up” or Thailand lottery 3Up.

So, what is Thailand lottery 3Up and why do you need to know? Well, first of all, this a term or topic of interest for people who are interested in Thai lottery result online or offline.


If you have been reading other posts on this blog, you must be aware of the format of Thai lottery. This lottery is conducted on every month’s 1st and 16th, and the winning prizes go from 1st to 5th, and then special prizes and 3 or 2 match digit prizes etc. come into play.

The format of Thai lottery is a bit confusing for anyone because there are so many different prizes and combinations etc. are involved.

Take Special Prize for an example. It is the prize that is given to a winning number that has 1 number more or less than the actual number. Sounds complicated, right?

Well, it is a complicated affair. Likewise, there are good prizes on matching 2 or 3 digits, while this does not make one a winner, you still have chance to win 2,000 to 4,000 Thai baht for only matching 2 or 3 digits.

The Thai lottery 3Up is actually the number of a draw of 3rd prize of the lottery. Just like there is a 3Up there is a 3Down as well.

The 3rd prize is for 6 digits that the winner would match. There are total 10 number of prizes or draws in the category of 3rd prize and each of them is for 80,000 baht.

Actually the prize of each win is 40,000 baht, but since the lottery prize that you get are of two types: TGL (Thai Government Lottery) and TCL (Thai Charity Lottery), this makes the total price equal to 80,000 Thai Baht.


Up or Down or other numbers that you see while looking at the results of Thai lottery twice a month, are basically the numbers that then constitute one lucky number for 3rd prize, and as said before, there are 6 lucky draws for 3rd prize, which means 6 people winning 3rd prize each time.

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